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The heart of our website is the citizens of Edinburgh. We are dedicated to providing them helpful knowledge about personal financial management. Our expert advice will surely help you on saving, banking, investing, and running your own business, among others.

Since 2008, the average amount of debt of every household in Scotland has increased as much as 65%. To minimize this existing circumstance, we aim to educate the Edinburgh citizens with responsible management of income and financial resources.

Saving & Banking

Everyone should make it a habit to save. In Scotland, 48.4% of the total adult population have savings less than £100, according to the data of Money Advice. This number contributes to more than 16 million people in the United Kingdom with small savings. Saving money is so important, for today and for the future. Thus, we aim to help each citizen in Edinburgh to be aware of the importance of saving money.

Business & Investment

Investing in business and other ventures is one of the best ways of proper financial management. In this case, your saving or earning has been invested into a business, allowing it to potentially grow as a stable source of another income. On the other hand, handling businesses is not easy. It requires appropriate skills and strategies. In this website, we will help you reach your goals by imparting to you some knowledge about how to effectively run a business.

Market & Economy

Any changes in our market and economy affect our daily living. But being learned ahead of time about these changes can prepare you for any emergency. Thus, we aim to provide you the latest news and information about the economic status of Edinburgh, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. We will also bring you updates on the world economy which can also affect our personal home economies.

These are just a few of our personal finance management services. If you want to know about shopping, retirement planning, insurance, loan advice, debt resolutions, and anything related to finances, you can definitely count on Citizens Advice Edinburgh as we are always happy to serve you!

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